Top 5 Places to See Fin Whales

Are you intrigued to find out more about the fin whale and where to view fin whales?  Read on or jump to the headline that piques your interest.

Canada  (Quebec & Nova Scotia)

The east coast of Canada is home to the mighty Gulf of St. Lawrence, a large body of water that stretches from Quebec province all the way up into Newfoundland and Labrador. It's very rich in marine life—especially whales.

Whales are best watched from Halifax, in the Bay of Fundy and from Cape Breton.  In spring, finbacks and minke whales arrive first; dolphins and humpbacks show up a month later.

North Pacific Sea: California (Oregon and Washington)

Whale-watching tours in California began in the 1950s, when gray whales were the only ones migrating north. However, humpback and finback whales can be seen along coastal waters quite often as well.

The Oregon coast to Washington state also offers beauty to its beholder in migrations of many types of whales, most prominently, the Gray whale. Oregon’s whale watching season peaks twice a year: during winter.

The Azores

The Azores are a popular destination for whale watching.  It is possible to see 30% of the world's whales from there, including blue whales, finbacks and sperm whales.

Mediterranean Sea

Satellite tracking revealed that those found in Pelagos Sanctuary migrate southward to off Tunisia, Malta, Pantelleria, and Sicily, and also possibly winter off coastal southern Italy, Sardinia.


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