By Josie  December 11th, 2023

Traffic Stops When Anaconda Crosses Road

Seeing as Brazil has the world’s biggest population of anacondas, it only makes sense for them to be seen passing through cities and roads.

Be that as it may, this rare footage is still nothing but jaw-dropping: a massive anaconda that stops traffic.

The massive anaconda is seen making its way across a busy highway with four lanes. This reptile quite literally stops traffic, and people get out of their cars to document this rare sight.

Anaconda Stops Traffic

Although it’s easy to forget, we’re the ones trespassing on their natural habitat.

Anacondas, particularly the green anaconda, are renowned for being among the largest snakes globally.

Are Anacondas the Biggest Snakes?

They may not be the longest (the reticulated python holds that record) but in terms of weight and girth, anacondas are unmatched.

A fully grown green anaconda can exceed 29 feet in length, weigh over 550 pounds, and measure more than 12 inches in diameter.

The length of a green anaconda is comparable to a standard city; a full-grown anaconda would be almost as long as the bus is from front to back.

Length Comparison

Grand pianos, known for their size, typically weigh between 500 to 600 pounds, which falls in the same range as the weight of a large anaconda.

Weight Comparison

Anacondas exhibit indeterminate growth, meaning they grow throughout their lives, although the growth rate slows significantly as they age.

This problem-solving skill, coupled with their ability to adapt to different environments, indicates a level of intelligence that is often overlooked.

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