U.K. Seagulls Steal Drugs and Get High

By Josie  July 27th, 2023

Seagulls in the U.K. seem to not be content with fish and chips anymore; they’ve now also begun to steal drugs from people.

Let's investigate!

Seagulls Steal Drugs

Seagulls in the United Kingdom have been reported to steal drugs from people - a synthetic marijuana known as ‘spice’.

This peculiar behavior has mostly been observed in coastal towns like Hastings, East Sussex, Margate, Kent, and Essex.


Witnesses state that seagulls will swoop down, grab their joint, and then just fly off with it.

The seagulls’ encounters with ‘spice’, a synthetic marijuana, have led to them being described as ‘psycho gulls’.

How the Drugs Affect Them

The birds have been observed dive-bombing pedestrians and displaying erratic behavior before eventually collapsing.

Like any wild animal, can potentially pose a threat to humans. Especially so when they feel threatened or are protecting their young.

Are Seagulls Dangerous?

However, seagulls can carry and transmit diseases to humans, often through their droppings or direct contact.

- Salmonellosis - Campylobacteriosis - E. coli - Cryptococcosis -Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

Diseases They Can Transmit

Seagulls, have been observed to closely monitor human food choices - show a strong preference for items that people are eating nearby.

A New Study

This could potentially explain the recent incidents of seagulls stealing drugs, as they may have observed humans consuming these substances.

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