By Josie  June 7th, 2023

Florida's Unwelcome Intruder:

The Burmese Python

Along with other invasive species, the Burmese Python has caused significant disruption to Florida's ecosystem.

Let's find out how and why!

They can grow up to 18 feet in length and weigh over 200 pounds. 

Physical Traits

Their eyes have vertical pupils, perfect for detecting movement during hunting.

Their diet typically consists of birds, mammals, and other reptiles, which they swallow whole.


As constrictors, they are known for their ability to squeeze their prey to death by contracting their muscles.

They are excellent swimmers and can remain underwater for up to 30 minutes, making them formidable water predators.

The Burmese Python was first introduced to Florida in the 1980s, and since then, its population has exploded.

How It Disrupts Florida's Ecosystem

Their predation causes a decline in the native populations, which can then have a disastrous ripple effect on other species in the ecosystem.

It competes with native predators like the alligator (a keystone species) for food.

Pythons can even feast on young alligators.

They prefer to live in wetland areas, such as the Everglades, where they can hide amongst the dense vegetation and blend in with their surroundings.

Where Do They Live?

Studies have shown that Burmese pythons can travel great distances; individuals have been discovered up to 20 miles from their original release sites.

Stick to designated trails and avoid wandering into dense vegetation, where pythons may lurk unnoticed.

How To Avoid Encountering Them

Wear long pants and boots to reduce the risk of being bitten.

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