By Josie  March 26th, 2024

Underrated Safari Animals That You Should Know About

When we think of safari it’s usually the “classic” safari animals that come to mind – elephants, lions, zebras etc.

While these are of course must-sees, let’s not forget about their lesser-known (but by no means less than!) savannah neighbours.

African wild dogs are great team players, living in packs and showcasing some seriously coordinated hunting moves.

#1 African Wild Dog

Pangolins are like the armored knights of the animal kingdom, but are unfortunately facing major threats due to poaching.

#2 Pangolin

Caracals are the high jumpers of the savanna and have ears that look like they’re wearing fancy feathered hats.

#3 Caracal

Aardvarks are the oddballs of the African night, snuffling around for ants and termites with their long noses.

#4 Aardvark

Servals are tall and elegant with a beautiful spotted coat. But they’re not just good-looking; these cats are skilled hunters and often catch birds mid-flight.

#5 Serval Cat

With ears that could probably pick up satellite TV, bat-eared foxes are all about listening for their next insect meal.

#6 Bat-Eared Fox

Bongos bring a bit of color to the forest with their striking coats and spiraled horns.

#7 Bongo

Okapis are like the unicorns of the animal world, with zebra stripes on their body that almost look like giraffes.

#8 Okapi

Genets are the night-time acrobats of the African bush who skilfully climb trees with their sleek, spotted bodies.

#9 Genet

Honey badgers don’t care—they’re the tough guys of the animal kingdom. They’re completely fearless and always ready to take on snakes and bees.

#10 Honey Badger

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