The Lancehead Bite

Snake bites from venomous species are a significant public health concern across many regions and pose a real threat to humans.

Out of more than 600 venomous snakes, lanceheads, one of the most  venomous snakes in the world, are responsible for most bites and  mortality rates in South America.

If you’re curious about Lancehead snake bites, their effects on the  human body, and how to protect yourself from them, you’ve come to the  right place.

The Lancehead Snake, also known as the Bothrops genus, is one of the largest snakes found in South America.

The venom from this snake is a potent cocktail of enzymes and proteins.

They attack the body’s tissues and cause a range of symptoms.

Pain is the most common symptom.

The level of pain experienced can be intense, often originating from the exact location where the bite occurred.

The venom of the Lancehead snake can cause significant swelling.

Especially around the bite area and may even spread to other body parts.

Victims of a Lancehead snake bite may feel nauseous and vomit shortly after being bitten.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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