By Josie  January 5th, 2024

Baboon Eaten by Warthog After Sneak Attack

In the wild, you’re never really safe; your friendly neighbor can turn into a predator in the wink of an eye.

This is exactly what happened to this unsuspecting baboon when two warthogs sneak up on it before enjoying an unusual baboon-feast.

This does put Pumba from the Lion King in a slightly different light, doesn’t it?

The video opens with a seemingly ordinary scene on the African savannah, where a baboon is seen minding its own business.

The calm is soon disrupted by the stealthy approach of two adult warthogs. Initially, the baboon believes them to be friends, a decision that proved to be a grave mistake.

Without warning, the warthogs suddenly pounce on the baboon. Using their horns, they throw the primate against a tree and begin to eat it alive.

The Footage

Typically known as omnivores leaning heavily towards herbivorous diets, warthogs are not commonly recognized as predators.

Aren't Warthogs Vegetarian?

But, as seen in this rare footage, they will also actively prey on even larger mammals like baboons when the opportunity arises.

Warthogs may not be conventionally attractive, but they are among the most intelligent animals in the savannah.

Not a Pretty Face But..

They are known for their ability to remember water sources and grazing areas, showcasing a level of spatial intelligence that is crucial for survival in the harsh African landscape.

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Swipe up for the video!