Watch A Baby Elephant's Joyful Frolic with Low-Flying Birds

Cayla de Souza

Witness a baby elephant's delightful play, showcasing its energetic nature while chasing low-flying birds.

The mother elephant stays close, ensuring the calf's safety and highlighting the strong familial bonds in elephant herds.

The playful actions of the baby elephant are a testament to its innocence and natural curiosity.

Elephants have intricate social structures, with each member playing a significant role in the herd’s well-being.

A network of caregivers, including siblings, aunts, and the matriarch, nurture and protect baby elephants.

Calves are born with strong legs, ready to walk, and bond with their mothers, showcasing their rapid development.

Young elephants take time to master the use of their trunks, reflecting their adaptability and learning curve.

Known for emotional intelligence, elephants express emotions like joy, playfulness, and affection.


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