Baboons In My Garden

I never thought I would see the day where baboons were happily exploring my garden.

Only once when I was young did I ever see a lone baboon, lost and confused in my backyard.

When my old dog approached him and got into a bark off.

I was working from home yesterday, relaxing in the Autumn breeze, when my dog started barking ferociously.

I noticed two people standing at my gate with binoculars in their hands, staring up at the trees.

They turned out to be two baboon monitors, following a small break-away family of baboons that had ventured into the residential area below the mountains.

There were three adults and the smallest adorable baby.

Happy to be off the roads, they leisurely strolled around the grass and climbed around to find a great shady spot on top of our trailer garage.

The baby took a particular interest in our paddle ski and loved hopping around the fin.

At one point it looked like the baby was trying to eat it!

Recently over our Summer in Cape Town, there have been quite a few mountain fires.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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