By Josie  December 20th, 2023

Watch How Baby Kitten Escapes to Be with Puppy

This baby kitten is a true escape artist and escapes its cage to play with the doggo next door.

Its vertical adventure shows us how good friends will do anything to have each other’s company.

Despite the challenge of a slippery surface, the kitten manages to climb out of its enclosure.

The kitten’s goal isn’t to escape but to seek the company of a neighbor – a puppy in the next cage.

The Footage

At last, the kitten and puppy unite, and they are both overjoyed about finally meeting their newfound friend.

Kittens, much like humans, are social creatures that crave interaction and companionship.

Do Kittens Get Lonely?

They thrive on socialization, which plays a crucial role in their development.

Engaging with other animals or humans helps kittens learn important social cues and behaviors.

The age-old adage of cats and dogs being natural enemies stems from their differing communication styles and behaviors.


Dogs are generally more social and straightforward, while cats are more independent and subtle in their interactions.

However, with proper introduction and socialization, cats and dogs can learn to understand each other’s signals and coexist harmoniously.

Swipe up for the adorable video!

Swipe up for the adorable video!