By Josie  January 24th, 2024

Watch How Lion Catches Antelope Mid-Air

Having earned the name “the king of the savannah” it is a well known fact that lions are experienced hunters.

The lion in this video truly showcases the acrobatics and calculated moves which make them intimidating hunters.

This lion leaps up and catches the antelope mid-air, bringing it crashing down, and then quickly sinks their teeth into its well-earned meal.

The Footage

Antelopes are renowned for their remarkable jumping abilities, often leaping up to 10 feet high and covering distances of 30 feet in a single bound.

Antelopes' Defensive Tactics

These leaps are crucial for escaping predators.

But sometimes, not even this can save them.

Lions are not typically known for their jumping prowess, but rather their strength and speed.

The Lion's Hunting Tactics

However, this video illustrates that under the right circumstances and with calculated moves, a lion can match the antelope’s extraordinary jumps.

Antelopes excel in endurance and agility, often sustaining speeds of 40 mph over longer distances.

Speed: Antelope

Lions, known for their powerful bursts, can reach speeds of up to 50 mph, making them formidable hunters.

Speed: Lion

Lions' preference for antelopes is due to the antelope’s abundance and the nutritional value they offer.

A single antelope can provide a substantial meal for a lion pride, making them a favored target, especially for lionesses, who are the primary hunters.

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