By Josie  December 5th, 2023

Watch: Oblivious Sloth Crawls Across Anaconda

Sloths are famous for their slow speed while snakes a known for their fast attacks.

In spite of this, this sloth who crawls across an anaconda (one of the world’s largest snakes!) manages to get out of the situation alive.

Do you think the sloth realises how much it was toying with its life?

Anacondas, belonging to the boa family, are known for their immense size and strength.

Boa constrictors can exert a constriction pressure of 6 to 12 pounds per square inch (psi), which is strong enough to stop the circulation of their prey and cause death!

Actually, sloths are not typical prey for anacondas.

What Kind of Snakes Eat Sloths?

Predators of sloths are more often harpy eagles or jaguars, as they live in the tree tops just like sloths.

Sloth Crawls Across Anaconda: The Footage

In the video we witness a sloth, with its characteristically slow movements, approaching a massive anaconda (basically in slow motion, of course.)

Surprisingly, the anaconda, known for its lethal constriction and formidable size, recoils instead of attacking. The story has a happy ending, but keep us on the edge of our seats nonetheless.

Labeling the sloth’s behavior as either oblivious or stupid might be an oversimplification of its instinctual actions.

Is the Sloth Oblivious or Stupid?

Generally, a sloth’s slow movements are a defense mechanism, making them less detectable to predators.

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Swipe up to watch the video!