Watch: Seagull Eats a Kitten Whole

By Josie  August 4th, 2023

A macabre video captures a seagull eating a kitten, highlighting the bird’s extreme feeding habits.

The Footage

Initially, the seagull struggles to eat the lifeless kitten, but eventually it swallows it whole.

As we see less and less of the kitten’s tail, the seagull’s neck clearly protrudes, unsettling proof of its most recent prey.

Although, it's not clear from the footage whether the seagull killed the kitten, it's probable considering the scavenging nature of seagulls.

One reason why the seagull is able to eat the kitten whole is because of an organ called the gizzard.

How Is a Seagull Able To Eat a Kitten Whole?

The gizzard’s strong muscles contract and grind the food, often with the aid of small stones or grit that the bird has swallowed.

Tales of holidays ruined by seagulls stealing chips are common - as a result, they often go by the name of “flying rats.”

The Most Hated Bird Around the World?

However, the seagull’s bad reputation is somewhat unfair.

Their behavior is a result of us destroying their natural habitat and diminishing their natural prey.

Actually, in the UK, they are ‘red listed,’ reflecting the highest level of conservation concern.

What Drives Their Extreme Feeding Habits

In areas where traditional food sources may be scarce, or competition is high, seagulls must be resourceful.

Survival often requires flexibility and a willingness to seize opportunities, no matter how unconventional they may appear.

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Swipe up for the full video!

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