By Josie  November 14th, 2023

Watch These Adorable Baby Lions Pass Their Swimming Test with Flying Colors

Growing up and learning the rules of life is difficult no matter what species you belong to. 

Just like human babies, lion babies need to learn the crucial skill of swimming.

However, there are no lessons involved for these baby lions – they’re immediately chucked into the deep end to see if they could pass the swimming test.

Contrary to popular belief, lions are indeed capable swimmers, though they are not naturally inclined towards aquatic environments.

Can Lions Swim?

Lions in the wild may cross bodies of water during hunts or to cool off, using shallow waters for stealthier approaches.

As a moat surrounds their enclosure, it’s crucial for the lion cubs to be able to swim across it in case they fall in.

Why Did They Have to Pass a Swimming Test?

By passing this test it establishes their readiness to be on public display.

The swimming test at the National Zoo in Washington DC serves a vital safety purpose.

Such tests are a precautionary measure and of outmost importance to ensure their safety – which, at the end of the day, is the zoos most vital mission.

Each cub, with varying degrees of ease are able navigate their way out of the water. In other words, they passed their test with flying colors!

Baby Lions Pass Swimming Test

Lions, much like their domesticated counterparts, have an inherent dislike for water.

They will swim only when absolutely necessary, such as when crossing rivers in pursuit of prey or escaping threats.

Surprisingly, lions can swim quite fast, reaching speeds of up to 25 mph. However, they are unable to maintain this speed over long distances.

How Fast Can Lions Swim?

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