By Josie  October 19th, 2023

Watch This Disney-Like Scene of Otters Chasing Butterflies

These otters chasing butterflies will undoubtedly take you back to one of the Disney movies from your childhood.

Otters are social creatures, often seen in groups, playing, hunting, or resting together.

A group of otters is fittingly called a “romp,” a term that encapsulates their playful and energetic nature

What Is a Group of Otters Called?

Romps can often be seen engaging in social activities, their bodies intertwining as they playfully nip, chase, and wrestle with each other.

These social interactions are not just for fun; they also strengthen social bonds and help young otters develop essential life skills.

Social Interactions for Bonding

Isn’t it a beautiful thought that this butterfly chase is actually a family-bonding activity?

The otters’ pursuit of the butterfly was akin to a scene straight out of a Disney movie.

A Disney-Like Scene at Disneyland

They were seen running back and forth with their eyes fixated on a yellow butterfly. Despite their agile leaps into the air the butterfly is always an inch out of reach.

The Video

For the otters this is probably a serious matter – after all they’re hunting down a prey.

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Play is an integral part of their lives, serving not just as a source of entertainment but also as a means to hone their hunting skills and strengthen social bonds.

Their Playful Nature

Their muscular tails, webbed feet, and streamlined bodies enable them to move with grace and speed.

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Swipe up to watch the video!