By Josie  June 21st, 2023

Watch This Raccoon Scaling a Skyscraper

One brave raccoon was seen scaling a skyscraper in 2018 in Minnesota, proving just how resourceful these creatures are.

Let's take a closer look:

Raccoons are clever and adaptable mammals known for their distinctive appearance and survival skills.

In St.Paul in 2018, a raccoon was spotted on a lower ledge of the UBS Plaza, drawing immediate attention from onlookers and local media.

What made this raccoon’s climb so astonishing was not only the height but also the determination it displayed.

The hashtag #MPRraccoon began trending on Twitter and the raccoon became a celebrity.

These medium-sized mammals have a stocky build, ranging from 16 to 28 inches long, excluding their bushy tails.

Getting to Know the Raccoon

Their Urban Diet

They scavenge for discarded food, raid trash cans, and exploit human settlements for sustenance.

Attics, chimneys, and other elevated spaces (such as skyscrapers) provide them with safe and secure locations away from predators.

Shelter in the City

Raccoons’ front paws are highly dexterous, resembling tiny hands with curved claws - these sharp claws allow them to grip and manipulate objects with precision.

Their dexterous paws enable them to open containers, dismantle structures, and solve simple puzzles; allowing them to exploit food opportunities in urban settings.



They have a wide range of motion in their limbs, particularly their hind legs, which allows them to navigate complex environments.

Raccoons demonstrate problem-solving abilities when faced with challenges - they can assess their environment, identify potential obstacles, and find creative solutions.


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