Whale Scoops Up Woman and Saves Her From Huge Tiger Shark

By Josie  July 20th, 2023

In this story, a humpback whale turns into a savior and saves a woman from a tiger shark.

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Whales have, in several instances, demonstrated fascinating behaviors indicative of altruism.

Alturism is a selfless act of benefitting others without the expectation of rewards or benefits in return.

Hauser observed a 50,000-pound humpback whale as it swam close to her, thinking it might pose a danger to her.

The Event

A 15-foot tiger shark appears and the whale recognizes the danger and uses the front of its head, to push the woman back towards her boat.

A Narrow Escape

Emotional Intelligence of Whales

Whales, particularly species like humpbacks and orcas, are increasingly recognized for their remarkable emotional intelligence.

Whales show evident grief at the loss of a pod member.

Likewsie, mothers carry her deceased calf for days, indicating an emotional depth that rivals our own.

Tiger sharks are renowned for their aggressive nature and size, they typically measure 10-14 feet in length and 1,400 pounds in weight.

How Lethal Are Tiger Sharks?

Moreover, tiger sharks are second only to great whites in recorded attacks on humans.

Marine biologist Hauser was reunited with the whale that saved her, one year and 15 days after the dramatic rescue.


She could identify the whale by means of  two notches on the whale’s tail fluke and a scar on its head.

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