Where to See  Gray Whales

Looking for Where to see Gray Whales? Do you want to find out where to see Gray whales? We we have the perfect locations for you!  You’ll be ready before the next whale watching season!

Size & Appearance

Gray Whales are large baleen whales. They are medium sized whales, reaching up to 49 feet (15 m) in length, with the females usually being larger than the males.

Gray with white patches, covered in barnacles and sea lice. They have been known to carry over 400 pounds/180kg of barnacles and whale lice on average.


Gray whales are uniquely bottom feeding animals.  They roll on their side and suck up sediment whilst slowly swimming along the seafloor.


In the North Pacific, gray whales live in two places: the eastern North Pacific stock, which lives along the west coast of North America, and the western North Pacific stock, which lives along the east coast of Asia.

Breeding & Lifespan

Gray whales give birth every two to three years. They mature sexually at 5–12 years and have one calf after 12–13 months. During the northward migration, mothers and calves may stay near to shore to avoid killer whales.


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