Koalas in the wild 

In the wild, the koala sleeps most of its life, with a preference for light eucalyptus forests. A koala sleeps up to 22 hours a day in the branch forks of trees. Only at night do the animals wake up briefly to feed on eucalyptus (leaves and bark).

Koala Food

#1 Raymond Island, Victoria

Raymond Island is located in the state of Victoria, about 300 kilometres from Melbourne and is a small, partly inhabited island in the south of the country.

#2 Kennett River, Victoria

Kennett River is a small coastal town and river on the Otway Coast in Victoria, Australia. The town is located 174 kilometres west of Melbourne, directly on the Great Ocean Road.

#3 Cape Otway, Victoria

Another beautiful place with koala guarantee is the Cape Otway Peninsula. Only a few kilometers west of Kennett River you can reach this small, little visited paradise Cape Otway.


The cuddly koala is probably one of the cutest inhabitants of Australia. It can grow up to 85 cm tall and weighs between 4 and 14 kg when fully grown.