By Josie  June 29th, 2023

Most Endangered Primates

Why the Hainan Gibbon Is One of the

Although this species has been around for thousands of years, its population has drastically declined due to human exploitation.

Let's find out why:

The Hainan Gibbon is found in just one place in the world: an island in China – Hainan Island.

Their Habitat

Unfortunately, this species is critically endangered – fewer than 30 known individuals are left in the wild.

Conservation Status

These adorably fluffy monkeys measure 2 feet in height, and 11-13 pounds in weight.


Now let's assess why these monkeys are one of the most endangered primates in the world:

1. Limited Habitat

Their limited habitat means that any human-induced disturbance in their habitat can severely affect their survival.

The Hainan Gibbon has a slow reproductive rate, a significant challenge in increasing its population.

2. Slow Reproduction

Its population decline could make them vulnerable to extinction predators such as pythons and eagles.

3. Predation

The Hainan Gibbon is a highly arboreal primate and depend on the forest canopy for food, shelter, and protection.

4. High Dependence on Habitat

Hunting, illegal hunting, deforestation, and dam-building activities are rampant in and around their habitat.

5. Human Exploitation

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