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Learn more about walking with lions

Yes, you can walk with Lions  It sounds crazy when you hear it, but it is actually possible to walk with Lions.

There are two major places in the world where you can encounter Lions and walk with them. Have a look at the two options to walk with Lions.

Where can you walk with Lions?

Where can you walk with Lions?

– Traveling to Mauritius: Flights from all major airports to Mauritius/Port Louis in the Indian Ocean. – Walking with lions: Safari Adventures Mauritius. The walk with lions takes about one hour.

#1 Mauritius 

– Traveling to Zimbabwe: Flights from most major airports to Victoria Falls in Central Africa. – Walk with lions: There are several tour companies to book it with.

#2 Zimbabwe 

To be on the safe side, every walk includes Jorge, trainee Anthony and two wildlife guides. They don’t let the predators out of their sight for a second and watch their every step attentively.

How Dangerous is it? 

Requirements Two lions per day are allowed to accompany the group. Only animals that come out voluntarily are chosen. No lion is forced to go for a walk with guests. Today two handsome lion ladies sit close to the fence and wait for the excursion with a human companion.

How long does it take? We walk with the lions through the bush for about an hour. Watch them climbing and playing. Then it’s time to say goodbye so as not to stress the animals. One last time a guide lures Matala with a small piece of meat..

All clients will be given equipment for their Walk with lions (stick). On a walk with lions safari there are three lion handlers plus a Trip leader. All Trip Leaders carry a .458 rifle, and a communication radio plus a first aid kit.



Alternatives to Lion Walks There are several places in the world where lion walking is possible. However, it is a very controversial topic, so you should decide on your own if your really want to encounter this way.

Of course, programmes that offer tourists the chance to walk with lions or ride on elephants have come in for criticism. Nobody is suggesting that those lions that walk with humans could ever be released into the wild; only their cubs.