Wildlife  in Germany 

This blog will look at six exciting wildlife creatures that one could find in Germany.  These animals are wild and wonderful; use the links below to skip to whichever one calls you the most.

European Wildcat

With a long, thick coat, a broad head, and a comparatively flat face, the European wildcat has the appearance of a large, powerful wild cat.


Wild boars belong to the same family as domestic pigs. The latter is a domesticated sub-species and is farmed for its meat products at an alarming scale.

European Badger

The black-and-white striped badger is a well-known species in Europe and Germany. They have strong front paws, which they use to dig for food, as they are land predators and omnivorous.

Bicolored Shrew

The bicolored shrew is a small mammal known for its distinctive coloring. The bicolored shrew is medium to dark brown on its back and white or light gray on its underbelly.

Greater Horseshoe Bat

The greater horseshoe bat was once a cave-dweller but now tends to roost in old buildings, such as churches and barns. It is rare in Germany and Europe and, like many other bats, is declining in number.


The red fox is one of the most well-known fox species in the world, and these foxes live around the world in many diverse habitats, including forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts.


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