By Josie  September 14th, 2023

Wisconsin Family Saves Bear Stuck In Cheese Ball Container

A Wisconsin family bravely saves a bear stuck in a Cheese Ball container – a highly unusual ending to a family fishing trip.

The family approaches the bear in their boat. Luckily, they managed to remove the container after a few attempts.

Wisconsin Family Saves Bear

The container was identified as an old cheese ball container – probably the remnants of another negligible family’s picnic.

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Plastic pollution is a pervasive issue that affects not only marine life but also terrestrial animals.

Plastic Pollution Affects Everyone

The incident in Wisconsin is a testament to the far-reaching impacts of plastic waste.

Animals, like the bear, find themselves in life-threatening situations due to human negligence.

Word of their daring rescue had already spread like wildfire, thanks to some campers who had witnessed the event from the shore.

Community Celebrates Bear Rescue

Upon their return to the resort, the Hurt family was met with applause and admiration for their courageous act.

It emerged that the bear had been a known figure in the vicinity, struggling with the plastic container on its head for several distressing days.

Bears are powerful creatures, and approaching them can potentially lead to aggressive reactions.

Is It Dangerous To Intervene When a Bear Is In Danger?

However, in this instance, the family assessed the situation and realized the bear was more helpless than threatening.

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Swipe up to see the video!