By Josie  June 22nd, 2023

In the Insect Kingdom

The Most Powerful Sting

These ants received their name because their sting is said to almost be as painful as a gunshot.

Let's learn more about this powerful sting:

These ants measure approximately 1 inch long and have a smooth, shiny black exoskeleton.

Size and Appearance

Tropical rainforests and lowland areas in Central and South America.


They have large mandibles that they use to capture prey; they're omnivorous and eat insects, small invertebrates, and nectar.


It has an elongated stinger at the end of its abdomen.


This is the most powerful sting in the world that lasts a whole 24 hours.

The Pain

The sting initially feels like a burning sensation and then becomes unbearable, throbbing pain.

It t can also cause swelling, redness, nausea, and fever.

Their sting can be fatal to those who unknowingly have an allergy to their venom.

Also, it can cause temporary paralysis, potentially life-threatening if you're near water.

Indigenous people of Brazil have a rite of passage where young men wear gloves with bullet ants as part of their initiation ceremony.

They live in colonies, that can range from a few hundred to thousands of individuals.

Social Behavior

A colony is led by a Queen; she lays eggs and regulates the activities of the worker ants

Communication is crucial to their survival - they utilize chemical signals and vibrational cues to coordinate activities and maintain order within the colony.


Despite their reputation, they play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance.

Their feeding habits help control the population of small insects and spiders.

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