Woman Accidentally Raises Panther Alongside Her Rottweiler

By Josie  September 22nd, 2023

This woman accidentally raises and domesticates a panther when she brings home an adorable little kitten, which grows much bigger than expected.

A passionate animal lover, the woman stumbled upon what she believed to be a stray kitten in distress.

As the kitten grew, it became evident that she wasn’t just any ordinary cat. The woman had inadvertently rescued a panther!

It is suspected that the baby panther named Luna that had been abandoned by its mother in a travelling zoo.

Woman Accidentally Raises Panther

The panther formed a close bond with the woman’s pet Rottweiler, Venza. The two became inseparable, showcasing that love and friendship know no bounds.

Despite their majestic beauty, panthers are wild animals with instincts that can be unpredictable.

The Potential Dangers

With their powerful build and sharp claws, they can pose a threat if not handled with care.

However, this panther's upbringing in a domestic setting made her more docile than her wild counterparts.


To share Luna’s unique story with the world, the woman set up a TikTok account, which quickly gained millions of followers.

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