By Josie  August 15th, 2023

Woman Airlifted to Hospital After Suffering an Otter Attack

Following an attack by a inconspicuous otter, three friends’ getaway took at a drastic turn when a woman had to be airlifted to a hospital.

Otter are notoriously known for being adorable. But, there’s another side to these big-eyed and long-tailed creatures.

Three friends, including Jen Royce, were initially having a great time floating on inner tubes down the Jefferson River.

Things went downhill when they suddenly noticed some otters nearby.

The Attack

The Attack

According to Royce the attack was “vicious and relentless.” The otter bit her multiple times, targeting her face, arms, ears, hands, legs, and ankles.

With only one phone among them, they activated the SOS mode to call 911.

One of the friends had to run over 2 miles to meet with emergency personnel.

The Aftermath

Royce was airlifted to a local hospital, where she underwent surgery for her injuries, especially on her face and ears.

Are Otters Aggressive?

Otters, though often perceived as playful creatures, can exhibit aggressive behavior – as seen from the woman’s injuries resulting from the otter attack.

Primarily, they are territorial animals and can become defensive if they feel their territory is threatened – especially if food is scarce.

Additionally, mother otters are fiercely protective of their young and can attack if they sense any danger to their offspring.

Do Otters Have a Strong Bite?

Otters are equipped with sharp, robust teeth. They have a bite force as strong as 80 pounds per square inch!

Their teeth, especially the canines, are sharp and robust, suitable for piercing and holding.

The injuries of the woman who was attacked by an otter perfectly illustrates their predatory prowess.

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