Woman Catches 1,000-Pound Bluefin Tuna By Herself

By Josie  September 4th, 2023

This woman from New Hampshire stuns the world as she catches a 1,000-pound Bluefin Tuna all by herself.

Let's dive in:

Alone on her boat, the “FV No Limits”, this woman managed to catch a colossal 1,000-pound Bluefin tuna.

The Catch

This catch resonated powerfully in an industry where such accomplishments are often attributed to male fishermen.

Who Holds the World Record?

Ken Fraser caught the largest bluefin tuna ever recorded which measured nearly 1500 pounds.

Since purchasing her boat, Michelle has proven that gender is no barrier to achieving greatness in the fishing world.

A Male Dominated Industry

Her desire to see more women involved is both a personal goal and a rallying cry for gender equality in the industry.


A Massive Fish

Bluefin Tuna often measures up to 6.5 feet and weighs around 550 pounds.

This is a species once endangered, but which now thrives thanks to concerted conservation efforts.

Their numbers were dwindling mostly due to a high demand in the sushi and sashimi markets.

Closing Thoughts

As Michelle catches this 1000-pound tuna,  she encourages women everywhere to pursue their passions, break barriers, and make history,

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Swipe up for the full video!