Woman Survives Dingo Mauling During A Jog


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The attack

The woman was on a jog before being hunted by a pack of 7 dingos and being chased into the ocean

The attack

The victim, has up to 30 lacerations from the dingo, on her arms, legs, and torso

The attack

Engaged in a struggle with the dogs for a span of seven minutes

The attack

Rangers are familiar with the pack’s leader, identified as CC Green, who has previously targeted a child and engaged in campsite raids

The attack

Woman was airlifted to Hervey Bay Hospital


Dingos trying to solicit food from visitors because they’ve previously been fed

Fraser Island, Australia


Where it happened?

What is a dingo?

Wild canine native to Australia, and they are considered an important part of the ecosystem


Subspecies of the gray wolf, people have recognized their presence in Australia for thousands of years

Believed to have arrived on the continent through ancient land bridges from Southeast Asia



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