By Josie  December 10th, 2023

Adorable Beaver Building Dam with Christmas Supplies

This adorable rescued beaver shows the species’ intuitive urge to build dams and gets into the Christmas spirit at the same time by building a dam with Christmas supplies.

Although wrapping paper and plastic Christmas trees probably wouldn’t have worked well in nature, it’s perfect for an indoor Christmas dam!

Orphaned as a newborn after its parents were killed and their home destroyed, it found refuge with dedicated wildlife rehabbers.

A Rescued Beaver

While it enjoys playful dam-building games indoors, it spends most of its time outside with other orphaned beavers, learning the ways of its species.

Beavers are nature’s engineers, and their urge to build dams is an instinctive behavior crucial for their survival.

The Beaver Urge to Build

This behavior is so ingrained that even in a domestic setting, the beaver uses whatever materials are available to construct its miniature dams

He replicates the dam-building process it would naturally undertake in the wild but replacing the materials with Christmas supplies!

Dam of Christmas Supplies

Wrapping paper, a miniature Christmas tree, and a Christmas teddy all make great dam-blockers according to this lil guy.

It’s undeniable that beavers show remarkable cognitive abilities in their dam-building activities.

Are Beavers Intelligent?

They can assess the sound of water and strategically place materials to stop the flow.

This problem-solving skill, coupled with their ability to adapt to different environments, indicates a level of intelligence that is often overlooked.

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