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Rescued Beaver Builds Dam with Christmas Supplies

beaver builds dam with Christmas supplies

This adorable rescued beaver shows the species’ intuitive urge to build dams and gets into the Christmas spirit at the same time by building a dam with Christmas supplies.

Although wrapping paper and plastic Christmas trees probably wouldn’t have worked well in nature, it’s perfect for an indoor Christmas dam!

beaver builds dam with Christmas supplies
©Holley Muraco – YouTube

Meet the Rescued Beaver

This young beaver’s story begins with a tragic start. Orphaned as a newborn after its parents were killed and their home destroyed, it found refuge with dedicated wildlife rehabbers.

Did you know that beavers are classified as a nuisance species in many US states? By consequence, humans often don’t care about their safety or environment.

However, in the care of human rehabbers for a mandatory two-year period, this beaver is getting a chance to hone its instinctive behaviors. While it enjoys playful dam-building games indoors, it spends most of its time outside with other orphaned beavers, learning the ways of its species.

The Beaver Urge to Build Dams

Beavers are nature’s engineers, and their urge to build dams is an instinctive behavior crucial for their survival. This rescued beaver, despite being raised in a human environment, exhibits a strong inclination to build, just like its wild counterparts.

Beavers build dams primarily to create deep, still waters to protect against predators and to access food during winter.

This behavior is so ingrained that even in a domestic setting, the beaver uses whatever materials are available to construct its miniature dams – even Christmas supplies!

Are Beavers Intelligent?

It’s undeniable that beavers show remarkable cognitive abilities in their dam-building activities. They can assess the sound of water and strategically place materials to stop the flow. This problem-solving skill, coupled with their ability to adapt to different environments, indicates a level of intelligence that is often overlooked.

The rescued beaver’s ability to mimic dam-building behavior in a non-natural setting further highlights its cognitive capabilities.

A Jolly Construction: Beaver Builds Dam with Christmas Supplies

YouTube video

This beaver is about as busy as a Christmas elf, frantically collecting the materials for its inside dam.

It meticulously gathers and arranges various items, replicating the dam-building process it would naturally undertake in the wild but replacing the materials with Christmas supplies!

Wrapping paper, a miniature Christmas tree, and a Christmas teddy all make great dam-blockers according to this lil guy.

The Materials and Size of a Real Beaver Dam

In the wild, beaver dams are impressive structures, often built with a mix of branches, stones, and mud. These materials are carefully selected and placed to create a sturdy barrier against water flow.

The size of a beaver dam can vary greatly, with some reaching over 10 feet high and 1,500 feet in length.

The dam-building process is a communal activity, with beavers working together to create and maintain these essential structures for their survival.

Can Beavers Breathe Underwater?

A common misconception about beavers is their ability to breathe underwater. While beavers are excellent swimmers and can stay submerged for up to 15 minutes, they do not breathe underwater. Instead, they hold their breath, using well-developed lungs to store oxygen.

This ability allows them to work on their underwater structures and evade predators, making them well-adapted to their aquatic lifestyle.

Beaver Builds Dam with Christmas Supplies: Conclusion

the most prolific dam builder

The story of the rescued beaver building a dam with Christmas supplies is more than just a cute anecdote; it’s a window into the crazy engineering skills of these animals! It highlights the importance of understanding and protecting wildlife, especially species often labeled as nuisances.

I hope this adorable beaver story has put you in the Christmas spirit! For more beaver content, take a look at these posts:

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