Animals in Maine

Making a tour of Maine will be the best way to see the local wildlife, in which you can also come across some of the nocturnal animals.

Where Can You Find the Wild Animals in Maine?

The Most Dangerous Animals in the State of Maine

There are many predators in Maine, and one must not miss mentioning Black Bear by talking about predators. They are not likely to attack humans, but they raid gardens and bird feeders in their quest for food, which leads to unusual incidents.

Popular Animals in Maine

Hooded Seal

Hooded Seal is silver-gray in color with black spots on the fur. Their limbs are small, and they have black faces. Even though hooded seals have small limbs, they are known as good swimmers and divers.

Hooded seals live in a cold habitat. They are swimmers and divers and spend most of their time in the cold water of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean.

Eastern Chipmunk

Eastern Chipmunks are known for their small size and cuteness. People often keep eastern chipmunks as home pets. The life span of the eastern chipmunks is short.

Eastern Chipmunks are small in size that is up to 12 inches, including the tail. They are reddish-brown in color, having dark brown strips on their back. There are white stripes on its back which separate the brown strips.