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Prince Edward Island

There are number of sand dunes, marshes of salt, coastal land, sandstone cliffs, and beaches on Prince Edward Island in Canada.

Let's take a peek:

Curious to know which animals live here?

They are mostly spotted in summer, during the winter season they use to hibernate with the babies or families.

Skunks aid farmers by eating rats, mice, worms and grubs.

1. Skunk

Barn swallows are named as swallow because they are one of the most common birds which swallow food directly.

They use structures those are made by humans for breeding and start spreading as the human start expanding.

2. Barn Swallow

In 1977, the Blue Jay was marked as the provincial bird of Prince Edward Island.

3. Blue Jay

They're called "Jays" due to their noisy nature; generally “jay” means a person who can talk non-stop.

The front paws of snowshoe hares are very large, giving rise to their name and helps them to not sink into the snow.

4. Horseshoe Rabbit

Their fur changes color as per the season, in winter they are white in color and in summer they are rusty brown color.

They mainly found in wetlands, new forest or dense forest where they can find good amount of shrubs to eat.

5. Black Billed Cuckoo

Their singing is mostly heard at night or during the rainy season.

6. Red Spotted Newt

During the breeding season in spring around 200-375 eggs are laid by female red spotted newts.

They have a life span of around 15 years and eat wide variety of aquatic insects or ground insects as prey.

The best way to get a glimpse of these animals when visiting the island is to head to the Prince Edward Island National Park.

This park is roughly 40 miles in length and one mile in width.

National Park

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Just like the Island's animals, its red beaches are also a must-see.

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