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Animals on the brink of extinction in


Our excessive consumption and unsustainable lifestyles are taking a toll on our planet and its animals.

Let's get to know the animals in need of our help:

The first thing we can do is educate ourselves about the animals in need to advocate for their well-being.

Chimpanzees are frequently hunted, killed, and prepared as delicacies.

#1 Chimpanzee

The population of these animals is on a steady decline, and currently, their number stands at a mere 300,000.

As the human population in Asia increases, their habitat are invaded by humans.

#2 Asian Elephants

In addition, traders exchange these elephants for their ivory and teeth, thus decreasing their population.

There are 13 great whale species left, but what if we told you 6 of these species are already on the brink of extinction?

#3 Whales

Take the North Atlantic right whales, for instance; only about 400 are left.

Of all rhino species, black rhinos are the most critically endangered.

#4 Saluki

Between the years 1960 to 1995, as much as 98% of the black rhinos in Africa were hunted and killed.

That’s right; even the talkative birds you keep in your houses are on the brink of extinction (or 52 species at least.)

#5 Parrots

The Cape parrot, in particular, is on the verge of extinction.

Bonobos are a species of primates on the brink of extinction.

#6 Bonobos

With just tens of thousands left, it’s clear that continued poaching will inevitably lead these animals to death.

Pollution, changes to the climate, and frequent infections – all examples of the factors contributing to the decline in sea lions in the Galapagos Islands.

#7 Galapagos Sea Lions

Ultimately, we’re left with under 10,000 Galapagos sea lions.

If we compare the number of North American bumblebees now to their number, let’s say, two centuries ago, we see a drop as significant as 80%.

#8 North American Bumblebees

The IUCN has declared some species of giraffe as endangered, such as reticulated giraffes.

#9 Giraffe

The Kordofan and Nubian species, with just over 4,000 left, are also examples of endangered giraffe species.

These ferrets were also on the brink of extinction in the 80s; conservation procedures allowed their population to reach stable levels again.

#10 Black Footed Ferrets

Sadly, they've dropped again and just over 350 of these ferrets living in the forests.

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