Animals That Start With B

Animals that start with the letter B are common.  You are destined to come across a new animal on this list and, of course, meet with old friends. Sit back and enjoy.


Baboons are hairy primates that can be found in many parts of Africa and some parts of Asia. They come in many different colors.


Badgers are furry animals that belong to the weasel family. They are found mainly in Europe and North America and live in woodlands and hedgerows.

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle, also known as the American Eagle, is a large carnivorous bird that can be found in the cliffs and tall trees of North America. Its most distinctive feature is the white plumage on its head.


They are saltwater animals that have shells. They like to feed on plankton and algae. They are also one of the oldest living animals in the world.


These are carnivorous saltwater fishes. They have long, thin bodies that help them navigate in and out of tight spaces.


Bats are nocturnal flying mammals. A bat has a thin layer of brown, black, or gray fur. Also, they have small or large ears and small black eyes.

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