Animals That Start With G

Animals that begin with the letter G are pretty fascinating. Some are common, and we see them every day. Some we even have as pets. Others we have not yet met.  I hope you learn something new from this list. Let’s begin.

Gaboon Viper

You can find this venomous snake in sub-Saharan Africa in moist and warm habitats. It is nocturnal, and it takes a lot to provoke it, making bites quite rare. When it does bite, it doesn’t let go quickly.

Galapagos Penguin

This penguin is unique. It looks like a regular penguin, but one significant difference in appearance is the curved stripe of white feathers along the sides of the head and the breast area.

Garden Eel

This carnivorous aquatic animal spends most of its time with its tail in the sand. It never entirely comes out, making it look like grass.

Garter Snake

This is North America’s most common snake. It is also called a garden snake because it is commonly found in gardens. Many people use garter snakes as a pest control method.


Gazelles can be found in Africa and Asia. Unlike other antelope species that only males have horns, both male and female gazelles possess long, curved horns.

Geoffroy’s Tamarin

This mammal has a thick stripe of white hair on its head. That, and the red section of fur at the back of its neck, make it very distinctive.


Gharials can be found in Northern India and Nepal. These reptiles have plate-like scales that prevent sunburn and evaporation.

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