Animals That Start With J

Just looking out your window would have you seeing a few animals that start with the letter J. These animals are many, and we’ve curated a list of them for your consumption.  Let’s go through them together.


These birds are usually found around water bodies. Jacanas’ long legs allow them to wade into the water and forage for their food, including fishes, insects, and seeds.


These omnivorous animals are monogamous. This means that Jackals mate one partner and stay with them, taking care of pups throughout their lives. They also hunt in pairs.


One notable feature of the Jackdaw is its black coat. But that changes to grey as they age, a bit like human hair.


The dull greyish-brown colors of the Jackrabbit help it to blend in with the surroundings. This herbivore has scent glands near its tail to mark its territory.


The Jaguar is the biggest feline on the American continent. It is stronger and more muscular than a leopard but is also known for its agility.

Jaguarundi Cat

The Jaguarundi Cat is found in the marshes and wetlands of Central and South America. This cat is nicknamed the Otter cat because of its affinity to water bodies.

Japanese Macaque

You can find the Japanese macaque in the colder reaches of Japan. Also known as the Snow monkey, they are the world’s northernmost living monkeys.

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