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Animals That Start With M

Welcome to animals that start with m.

Monkeys, moths, and mosquitoes are just a few animals that begin with the letter M. There are more than just that little number in existence today. And even more that are now extinct, like the megalodon.

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We’ve curated a list of animals that start with M for your consumption. You can join us on the ride.

Overview of animals that start in m


Macaroni Penguin


MacKenzie Wolf


Malayan Tiger


Mekong Giant Catfish

Man of War Jellyfish


Mantella Frog


Megamouth Shark

Monte Iberia Eleuth

Manta Ray



Moray Eel



1. Markhor

Markhor goat Animal that start with m

Markhors are a species of goats found in the hills of Asia and the Middle East. These goats have long hair, and less than 2500 individuals exist in the wild today.

Fun Fact: the horns of mature male markhors usually reach a height of five feet.

2. Macaroni Penguin

Macaroni Penguin - Animals that start with m

Macaroni Penguins are black and white like every other Penguin species. But they can be distinguished by the tuft of orange feathers on their heads.

Fun Fact: Macaroni Penguins can reach a depth of 200 feet in the sea.

3. Millipede

Millipede - Animals that start with m

Millipedes can be found anywhere in the world except Antarctica. These animals are not poisonous and are almost defenseless to predators.

Fun Fact: Millipedes don’t have a thousand legs, though some of them have come close. The highest known number of legs on a millipede is 750.

4. MacKenzie Wolf

MacKenzie Wolf. Animals that start with m

These animals are very skilled hunters. They don’t usually attack small prey. Instead, they go for bigger ones like elk and bison.

Fun Fact: Only the strongest pair of MacKenzie wolves in a pack are allowed to reproduce.

5. Magpie

Magpie. Animals that start with m

You can find these birds anywhere in the world. There are seventeen known species of magpies, and they are distinctive for their black and white coloration.

Fun Fact: A group of magpies is called a parliament. We guess it’s because they look like birds in tuxedos.

6. Malayan Tiger

Malayan Tiger. Animals that start with m

This tiger is found in Malaysia. They are very territorial and will attack any male that strays into their territory.

Fun Fact: Malayan tigers are excellent swimmers.

7. Manatee

Manatee. Animals that start with m

You can also call these animals sea cows. But why sea cows? Well, that’s because they are big and graze on the seaweed. However, they are related to elephants.

Fun Fact: Manatees don’t have gills, so they sleep upside down near the water surface. This is to ensure that they can breathe while asleep.

8. Mekong Giant Catfish

Mekong Giant Catfish

This is the biggest purely freshwater fish in the world. The low-set eyes and the vast mouth make it look like a small shark.

Fun Fact: The Mekong Giant Catfish doesn’t have scales; its body is entirely bare.

9. Man of War Jellyfish

Man of War Jellyfish. Animals that start with m

The Man of War Jellyfish is not really a jellyfish; it’s not even a single individual. It is a colony of tiny animals that are connected to a floating gas-filled bladder.

Fun Fact: The tentacles of a man of War jellyfish have stingers that can be fatal to humans.

10. Mandrill

Mandrill. Animals that start with m

Mandrills have colorful faces that remind us of Rafiki from The Lion King. These monkeys are as big as apes and have brightly colored buttocks.

Fun Fact: Mandrills store food in their cheek pouches.

11. Mantella Frog

Mantella Frog

These are a group of brightly-colored frogs that are highly poisonous. They don’t usually grow past a length of 1.2 inches.

Fun Fact: Mantella frogs gain their toxins from the insects they eat.

12. Mealybug

Mealybug. Animals that start with m

These insects are pests to crop plants and are a scourge to farmers. They do a lot of physical damage and inject diseases into the plant while they feed.

Fun Fact: Mealybugs have a symbiotic relationship with ants. The ants give them protection while they excrete honeydew which the ants eat.

13. Megamouth Shark

Megamouth Shark

The Megamouth shark’s mouth can span up to four feet across. These sharks feed by swimming slowly with their mouths open and catching krill, shrimp, and plankton inside.

Fun Fact: Megamouth sharks have photophores around their mouths, emitting light that attracts their prey.

14. Monte Iberia Eleuth

Monte Iberia Eleuth

It sounds like a magic spell, but it’s just the name of a frog. And not a big one either. These frogs grow to less than half an inch in length.

Fun Fact: Monte Iberia Eleuths don’t develop from tadpoles. Instead, they hatch from their eggs as frogs.

15. Manta Ray

Manta Ray

These are the largest rays in the world. They are intelligent, have long lifespans, and inhabit all the world’s oceans.

Fun Fact: Manta rays look a lot like stingrays, but they do not sting.

16. Mole


These rodents live most of their lives underground. Their large forepaws come in handy when digging through soil. They also have excellent senses of smell and hearing to enable them to find their way underground.

Fun Fact: Mole eyelids are thin enough to let light pass through, and they never open. That is to protect the eyes from dirt.

17. Mink


The mink is related to the weasel and is found close to water bodies. It spends a lot of time underwater and feeds on anything, including fish, Muskrat, waterfowl, and even snakes.

Fun Fact: Mink coats are water repellent and laced with oil. This is why they’re highly sought-after for their fur.

18. Moray Eel

 Moray Eel

These eels can measure anywhere from one to thirteen feet long. They have a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and feed on small fish, octopi, crustaceans.

Fun Fact: The moray eel has a second jaw in its pharynx to help it swallow its prey.

19. Monkfish


Despite its appearance, this fish is eaten in many parts of the world. It is believed that they were always the only type of fish left in the net after fishmongers were done selling. The fishmongers would then give the fish to the monks.

Fun Fact: Monkfish are fierce carnivores. They have been known to eat seabirds and even otters.

20. Muntjac


This is a type of deer that lives in Asia. They have curved antlers and you can also call them barking deer because of the way they sound.

Fun Fact: Muntjacs are the smallest deer in the world. They have a shoulder height of 15 to 25 inches.

Summary of animals that start with m

Many other animals start with M and didn’t make this list. Were there any you know that we missed? If so, we can make that up to you with this other list of animals that start with S.