Animals That Start With K

Animals that start with the letter K are not as many as others, but they still exist. This list contains common species and some that you might consider new.  Sit back and enjoy the list.


Their long hind legs, enormous tails, and arched backs set them apart. They are native to Australia and are the nation’s symbol featuring coins and the coat of arms. Fun Fact: Kangaroos can stand on their tails.

Keel-billed Toucan

The Keel-billed Toucan is also known as rainbow toucan due to its large, colorful bill. This bird can be found in Central and South America. It is characterized by its small body and large beak, which is one-third of its size.

Kiko Goat

This is a crossbreed of dairy goat and feral goat. Despite its large horns, the kilo goat is not much of a fighter and can barely defend itself. Fun Fact: A pedigreed male Kiko goat can cost $1,500!

Killer Whale

It is easy to identify due to its black back, white underside, and white eyespot. Killer whales travel in groups called pods. Fun Fact: Female killer whales live longer than their male counterparts.

Kinder Goat

This is a crossbreed of an American Pygmy and a Nubian goat. It is resistant to a lot of illnesses that plague goats. Its milk is fatty and sweet, and Kinder goats can produce up to half a gallon in a day.

King Cobra

This reptile’s dark brown, green, and black scales blend in with its surroundings. When it feels threatened by an animal or human, it will expand its hood and raise the top half of its body off the ground.