Animals That Start With O

Many animals begin with O. This list exposes us to many of those fascinating creatures; some you know and some you will get to discover now. Let’s delve right in.


These herbivores are widespread. They were initially found in the continents of Asia, Central, and South America. In the wild, they travel in herds, and their predators are usually bears and wolves.


The most distinctive features of owls are; their flat faces, bulging-eyed, and protruded beaks. They are far-sighted. Many of them are creatures of the night, except for a very few species.

Oscar fish

The Oscar fish has a life span of 20 years. It can lay up to 250 –3000 eggs at once, and its offspring has a different color from its parents.


The orca is a cosmopolitan species and is all over the world. They are called killer whales, and unlike the filter-feeder whales, they have teeth for tearing and chewing prey.


Ostriches are one of the largest land animals on the earth. They are flightless birds, and their wings are used to balance and court females.


Otters have 13 species known to man. Eleven of them are river otters, while the other two are sea and marine. They have a very thick fur which allows them to float on the water surface.


These nocturnal birds are located in the Northern areas of South America. They feed primarily on oil palm fruits and tropical laurels and reside in caves.

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