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Animals That Start with Q

Welcome to animals that start with q.

Not many animals start with Q, so it is understandable to get stuck after naming just a few of them.

But we’re here to rectify that. It took a bit of searching for us, but we’ve got a list of 20 animals that start with the letter Q. You can check them out.


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Overview of animals that start with q

1. Quail

Quail - animals that start with q

These plump game birds are popular and can be found almost everywhere globally. Quails have been domesticated for their meat and eggs.

They don’t look like it, but they can fly nearly 40 miles per hour. However, that’s only over short distances.

Fun Fact: Quail hens can lay an average of 200 eggs annually.

2. Quokka

Quokka - animals that start with q

The Quokka is a small marsupial that you can encounter only in Australia. This animal is one of the smallest species of wallabies in the world.

It hops through tunnels in long grasses so as not to be seen by predators.

Fun Fact: The Quokka can go months without water.

3. Quagga


The Quagga was a sub-species of zebra that is sadly extinct today. These animals had stripes only on the neck and shoulders.

Also, Quagga lived in large herds that traveled long distances daily.

Fun Fact: A Quagga herd always kept one individual as a sentry while they slept.

4. Quoll

Quoll - animals that start with q

You can only find this cute marsupial in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

With their soft spotted fur coats, these animals look like dainty eaters but eat anything they find alive or dead.

Fun Fact: Quolls are aggressive and ferocious despite their size and appearance.

5. Quetzal


You can find this bird in the rainforests of Central America. The Quetzal is brightly colored, and the golden green crest feathers on their heads are striking.

Fun Fact: Male Quetzal tail feathers can get as long as one meter.

6. Qinling Panda

Qinling Panda - animals that start with q

The Qinling Panda is identical to the giant Panda in everything but color. They have a brown coat, with eye spots below their eyes instead of around it.

Fun Fact: Qinling pandas are rare, as there are less than 200 individuals in the wild.

7. Quahog

Quahog - animals that start with q

The Quahog is a species of hard-shelled clams that live in many parts of North America and Europe. Also, It is a notable dish in those areas.

Fun fact: Quahogs mate by releasing their gametes into the surrounding water.

8. Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing

Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing

Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing is the largest species of butterfly in the world. Females can reach a wingspan of 25cm to 28cm, with some exceeding that.

They currently live only in Papua New Guinea.

Fun Fact: These butterflies fly so high during the day that early collectors hunted them with small shotguns.

9. Queen Angelfish

Queen Angelfish - animals that start with q

This beautiful fish lives in the coral reefs of the western Atlantic Ocean. It features bright and beautiful colors and is in high demand as an aquarium fish.

Fun Fact: Female Queen Angelfish can discharge up to seventy-five thousand eggs in an evening of mating.

10. Quagga Catshark

Quagga Catshark - animals that start with q

The Quagga catshark is a species you can find off the coast of southwestern India and eastern Somalia. It has a pointed snout and dorsally-placed eyes and gill slots.

Fun Fact: The Quagga Catshark gets its name from its stripes that resemble a quagga.

11. Queen Snake

Queen Snake - animals that start with q

The Queen Snake lives in North America. It is non-venomous and semi-aquatic.

Consequently, the snake stays close to clean running water or watersheds.

Fun Fact: The Queen Snake hunts its prey by tracking its scent with its sensitive tongue.

12. Queen Snapper

Queen Snapper

The most noticeable feature of the Queen Snapper is its bright red and pinkish skin.

It predominantly lives in the western Atlantic Ocean, which lines the coast of many parts of North and South America.

Fun Fact: The maximum recorded length of a Queen Snapper is thirty-nine inches.

13. Queen Triggerfish

Queen Triggerfish

The Queen Triggerfish inhabits the waters of the western Atlantic Ocean.

They feature bright colors, and people commonly catch them as aquarium dishes for large aquaria.

Fun Fact: The Queen Triggerfish can change colors when put under stress.

14. Queensland Grouper

Queensland Grouper

This is one of the largest species of bony fish. It is widely distributed and lives almost everywhere in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Fun Fact: The Queensland Grouper swallows all its prey whole. They include sea turtles and small sharks.

15. Queensland Tube-Nosed Bat

Queensland Tube-Nosed Bat

The Queensland tube-nosed bat is found in North-Eastern Australia.

They are brown with yellow spotting and have two tubular nostrils that project from their snouts.

Fun Fact: It hasn’t been seen if the Queensland Tube-Nosed Bat drinks water.

16. Quelea

Quelea - animals that start with q

The Quelea is a small bird that you can find in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Another name for it is the Africa feathered locust due to its prowess in decimating large areas of plants.

Fun Fact: Queleas are the most populous undomesticated birds globally, with a population of 1.5 billion.

17. Queensland Lungfish

Queensland Lungfish - animals that start with q

This fish is found in the Eastern parts of Australia. It is called a lungfish because it possesses a lung that it can use to breathe oxygen in addition to its gills.

That helps it survive the Australian dry season.

Fun Fact: Other lungfishes have two lungs, but only Queensland lungfishes have one.

18. Quechuan Hocicudo

Quechuan Hocicudo

The Quechuan Hocicudo has a lengthy name but is a pretty small rodent. These animals live in the cloud forests of a part of the Andes.

In addition, this small area is at an elevation of 2600 to 3000 meters.

Fun Fact: Due to its small distribution and destroying habitat, the Quechuan Hocicudo is classified as endangered.

19. Quacking Frog

Quacking Frog - animals that start with q

The Quacking Frog is only found in Australia. And you’ve probably guessed it, but its mating call sounds like a duck’s quack.

Fun Fact: The Quacking frog’s mating seems affected by moon phases, as there is a high mating level during the full moon.

20. Quebrada Valverde Salamander

 Quebrada Valverde Salamander

The Quebrada Valverde Salamander is only found in Costa Rica. It is found close to water bodies or in moist forests.

Fun Fact: The Quebrada Valverde Salamander doesn’t have lungs but breathes through its moist skin.

Summary of animals that start with q

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These animals all begin with the letter Q. You’ve learned a few new ones, haven’t you?

Thank you for reading. You’re welcome to check this other article for animals that start with I, or have a look at 10 Black Animals.

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