Animals That Start With Q

Not many animals start with Q, so it is understandable to get stuck after naming just a few of them. But we’re here to rectify that. It took a bit of searching for us, but we’ve got a list of 20 animals that start with the letter Q.


These plump game birds are popular and can be found almost everywhere globally. Quails have been domesticated for their meat and eggs.


The Quokka is a small marsupial that you can encounter only in Australia. This animal is one of the smallest species of wallabies in the world.


The Quagga was a sub-species of zebra that is sadly extinct today. These animals had stripes only on the neck and shoulders.


You can find this bird in the rainforests of Central America. The Quetzal is brightly colored, and the golden green crest feathers on their heads are striking.

Qinling Panda

The Qinling Panda is identical to the giant Panda in everything but color. They have a brown coat, with eye spots below their eyes instead of around it.

Queen Angelfish

This beautiful fish lives in the coral reefs of the western Atlantic Ocean. It features bright and beautiful colors and is in high demand as an aquarium fish.

Queen Snake

The Queen Snake lives in North America. It is non-venomous and semi-aquatic. Consequently, the snake stays close to clean running water or watersheds.

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