Bald Eagle Rescued By River Rafters

A group of friends were river-rafting one day, when something unexpected occurred

A bald eagle needed to be rescued!

They used their boat to come along side and try get the bird and take it to safety.

They were out rafting and saw this bald eagle flapping about.

It was struggling in the river, trying to get to safety.

The river rafting team knew that had to do something!

They could not just pass by while she struggle for her life. They had to save her!

It was absolute chaos in the river!

Once the waves had calmed down, they were able to approach her more easily.

Help was finally coming.

Finally, in the tapestry of American identity, the Bald eagle stands as a proud emblem of strength, freedom, and resilience.

There are vast amounts of  info on these majestic animals!

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