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Watch Bald Eagle Rescued By River Rafting Team

bald eagle rescue
Image by The Dodo via Youtube

A group of friends were river-rafting one day, when something unexpected occurred – a bald eagle needed to be rescued. They used their boat to come along side and try get the bird and take it to safety. Read to the end to see the video!

Setting the Scene

They were out rafting and saw this bald eagle flapping about. It was struggling in the river, trying to get to safety. The river rafting team knew that had to do something! They could not just pass by while she struggle for her life. They had to save her!

Chaos Ensued

It was absolute chaos in the river! Once the waves had calmed down, they were able to approach her more easily. Help was finally coming. They attempting to bring her on board, but she was frightened of the large raft – not knowing if the team were friends or foe.

Finally, they managed to get her on board. She was soaking wet and definitely a tad nervous in the beginning. Equipped with a very sharp beak, she was trying to nip one of the guys trying to try her off.

Soon though she realised everyone there was only trying to help and soon she relaxed into their caring arms. They could feel her heartbeat slowing down as the adrenaline of near loosing her life to the river was wearing off.

Many of us admire these beautiful creatures from afar. It was a surreal experience for the team to be so close to the eagle and admire her from up close.


After this all went down, she went off to a professional rehab centre to recover. SHe got all the help she needed and more! With some proper care and love, she was ready to be released.

Return and Release

Lucky enough, the rescuers got to come back and help with her release as well! They opened the box and off she flew. Now strong and healthy, she can take on anything. Ready to return to her natural habitat.

They were so happy to see her fly away with such elegance. Once again free!

The Video

Rescuing A Bald Eagle!, Source: The Dodo, Youtube

Let me know what you think of the bald eagle being rescued from the river in the comments below.

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