Bear Embraces Man: Best Friends

Bear Embraces Man: Best Friends

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Jim gets embraced by Jimbo the Bear!

They have been best friends for 23 years, since Jimbo, the 1400 lb Kodiak bear, was just a cub

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Reason for Captivity

Due to a hind leg injury that rendered him unable to fend for himself in the wild, Jimbo the bear established an enduring companionship with Jim and Susan

Background Story

He received lifelong care and support until his death of liver cancer in 2018


Located at a non-profit Orphan Wildlife Center 60 miles north of New York

The bears located here can not be released because they are injured or they are too accustomed to captivity

Reason for Captivity


Bears in captivity can exhibit friendliness. based on factors such as species, upbringing, genetics, and the conditions of their captivity

1. Early Socialization

Bears raised in captivity from a young age and exposed to regular human interaction can become accustomed to human presence

2. Dependency on Humans

bears in captivity might associate humans with the provision of food, water, and care This can lead to a level of comfort and apparent friendliness towards humans

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