Bison Charges Drunk Guy For Roaring At Him

Never would I think I would see the day, where a bison charges a guy for roaring at it.

Grasslands and prairies of North America


Quite the sight to behold. Let us take a closer look.

Herbivorous, with a diet consisting of grasses, sedges, and other vegetation


Yellowstone National Park has many things to offer.

15-20 years

Average Lifespan

Seeing bison is one of the top priorities for visitors.

Lives in herds, with males and females forming separate groups for most of the year and coming together during mating season

Social behaviour

It is a nearly 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness area that happens to be atop a volcanic hot spot.

1000-2200 pounds (450-1000 kg) for males; 800-1200 pounds (360-540 kg) for females

Average Weight

If you ever come across a bison on foot, first things first, get back into your car.

Unearth more facts about these incredible creatures and decide for yourself!

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