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Bison Charges Drunk Guy For Roaring At Him

Bison Charges Guy Roaring
Image by KPAX-TV via Youtube

Never would I think I would see the day, where a bison charges a guy for roaring at it. Quite the sight to behold. Let us take a closer look.


Yellowstone National Park has many things to offer. Seeing bison is one of the top priorities for visitors. It is a nearly 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness area that happens to be atop a volcanic hot spot.

When Near A Bison

If you ever come across a bison on foot, first things first, get back into your car. If a car isn’t near you, try back up slowly and try put a tree or something large in between you and the animal. This bison charges the guy roaring easily as there was just empty space between them.

What Not To Do

Do not assume intimidating positions. Most certainly, do not roar or make other large dominating sounds as you do not want to make it feel threatened. It may feel cornered, then it will definitely charge you in defense.

If In Doubt

If you are not sure what animals are in the area, it is best to watch the wildlife from the car. It is also good to check the rules of the park you are in; if you should stay in the car or not.

The Video

Man taunts bison in Yellowstone National Park, Source: KPAX-TV, Youtube

Wrapping Up with Bison Charges Guy Roaring

Quite the sight! This guy was very silly, for sure!

Let me know what you think about this bison as it charges the guy for roaring in the comments below.

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