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The elephant and cobra are almost as different as two species can be, but they're both dangerous in their own ways.

Let's compare their powers!

Cobras primarily reside in Africa and Asia, and prefer habitats such as forests, grasslands, deserts, and near water sources.

Elephants also inhabit areas Africa and Asia, mostly in savannas, forests, and grasslands.

The cobra is a solitary animal except during breeding.

Behavior of Cobras

Cobras are territorial and aggressive, and will readily attack anything or anyone that invades their territory.

In contrast, elephants are highly social animals that live in matriarchal societies or herds.

Behavior of Elepehants

Elephants communicate through sounds and body language and are highly intelligent.

An elephant herd can consist of anything from 8 individuals, to as many as 100 elephants.

Cobras are carnivorous, they use their potent venom to immobilize their prey before consuming it whole.

Diet of Cobras

Because of their high energy requirements they are constantly on the move in search of food and water.

Elephants are herbivorous, consuming up to 300 pounds of vegetation daily,

Diet of Elephants

Typically, people associate them with deities or spirits.

Cobras In Culture

In some parts of the world, cobra venom is used for medicinal purposes (although controversial.)

They have been used for transportation and warfare, also featuring in art, literature, and religion.

Elephants In Culture

Humans have associated them with wisdom and strength.

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