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Spinosaurus Vs. T-Rex

Spinosaurus Vs. T-Rex

Although the T-Rex has long been hailed as the king of the dinosaurs, it is even in its name (Rex refers to the latin word for king.) But did you know that the Spinosaurus was in fact bigger than the T-Rex?

In this post we will assess all of their similarities and differences to conclude which one was the mightiest dinosaur: Spinosaurus Vs. T-Rex!

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The theories and conceptions about dinosaurs, what they looked like, and how they lived have long caused human fascination. Movies such as Jurassic World and The Lost World showed what the world would look like if inhabited by dinosaurs.

These movies were fictional but showed the creatures through an objective lens. They showed various types of dinosaurs from the past and what their world looked like on big screens.

Spinosaurus Vs. T-Rex

Most of these kinds of films have almost always depicted the Spinosaurus and T-Rex as the most dangerous ones.

In this article, we will highlight the differences between the Spinosaurus vs. T-Rex, and illustrate the lives they led here on earth many million years ago.

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A Quick Comparison: Spinosaurus vs. T-Rex

Spinosaurus Vs. T-Rex
Weight31,000 pounds15,000 pounds
Height23 to 60 feet tall12-20 feet tall
Speed15 mph bipedal speed17 mph bipedal speed
Biting Power19,000 N biting power 57,000 N biting power
Teeth Length6 inches long12 inches long
SensesWeak sense of smell but fair eyesightIncredible sense of odor, sight and hearing
Defensive TacticsGood sight, large size and good swimming abilityCunning brain, high speed and bulky mass
Predatory DominanceCatch prey near or in waterHunt down prey in a tactical and straightforward manner
HabitatSemi-aquaticLives only on land
Swimming AbilityCan swimNever swim
SkullShinyNot shiny
IntelligenceLess intelligentMore intelligent
LegsThinner legs than the T-rexThicker legs than the Spinosaurus

T-Rex As A Dinosaur:



The T-Rex stems from the family of Tyrannosaurus.

Literal Meaning:

The word Rex in the T-Rex means ‘king.’ Kids would hear stories about them from their parents and grandmothers for their dangerous appearance and lethal behavior.

Dangerous Animals:

Due to their aggressive behavior in the movie Jurassic World, they scare not only kids but anyone who can grasp how enormous and lethal they were.

Their jaws evolved to become one of the scariest and most deadly body parts that any creature walking our planet has ever possessed.

Period When They Were In Boom:

The T-Rex dwelled on earth during the upper Cretaceous period, about 65-67 million years ago.

The T-Rex dinosaurs were among the last species that lived before the mass extinction that ensued.

Significance of the T-Rex’s Spine:

The T-Rex’s spine has proved significant; just as any dinosaur’s spine, it would be used for many purposes. Their spine helped the dinosaur hunt their prey or a vicious enemy. The spines are sharp enough to penetrate the skin of a prey or predator.

Significance of T-Rex Teeth:

Following research, it has been established that the T-Rex quickly tore off the flesh of its prey with its teeth, instantly consuming its freshly caught meal.

The Oddest Part of Its Body:

What seemed odd in the physique of the whole gigantic creature, the T-Rex, which have puzzled scientist for years, is the hands that are extremely tiny compared to the rest of their gigantic bodies. They were so small that they were assumed not to have had any real use or purpose for the T-Rex.

These two tiny claws of the T-Rex were a mystery to be resolved by paleontologists. The rumors ended when it was discovered that their hands were extremely strong and helpful during fights.

The era of Dominance:

The T-Rex used to be an enormous dinosaur that lurked around on earth for some 68 million years.

Present Specimens of The T-Rex:

Approximately 30 specimens of the T-Rex lie with the paleontologists. Some of them have also been mounted into skeletons that can be put on display. These specimens have enabled them to know more about T-Rex than they do about the Spinosaurus.



Largest Species Among Dinosaurs:

The Spinosaurus came to be known as the absolute largest carnivorous creature ever to roam on the face of the earth.

Era of Their Dominance:

The Spinosaurus dwelled on our planet during the Cretaceous period. More precisely, between the lower Albian to lower Cenomanian stages that occurred 112 million years ago.

Why the Name Spinosaurus?

The name Spinosaurus has been given to it due to its peculiar physique. Spinosaurus refers to ‘Spine Lizard’ for its substantial cruise-molded composition and spine on the back.

Discovery of the Spinosaurus:

Spinosaurus was first unearthed during the 20th century, around 1910. Unfortunately, the fossil remains were demolished during World War 2. During the 1980s as well as in 2014, luckily, paleontologists found new specimens. However, these have all been merely fragments in comparison to the fossil discovered in 1910.

Size And Height:

The Spinosaurus is claimed to be nearly 59 feet, which is a whole 20 feet longer than the length of the T-Rex.


However, its weight is possibly six tons, which is in fact, less than the average T-Rex.

Skull And Skeleton:

The skull of the Spinosaurus is shiny but resembles the skull of a crocodile.

If the oral part of the Spinosaurus is analyzed, it reflects that the jaws have teeth but are not as sharp as the T-Rex’s teeth.

The spinosaurus teeth are also relatively tiny compared to the T-Rex teeth, interlocked between the upper and lower jaws like crocodiles.


Furthermore, the genetic makeup of the Spinosaurus’s nostrils and straight head reflected that it was a resident of shallow water.

The evolution of its structural features has assisted in revealing many facts about dinosaurs and their way of life. It can be concluded that these dinosaurs dominated the earth in two different eras.

Spinosaurus Were Reptiles:

Spinosaurus was also an enormous reptile similar to the T-Rex. Still, both never existed at the same time but dominated the earth at two different times.

Being of high masses, both dinosaurs, the T-Rex and Spinosaurus, have the advantage of surviving a battle with one another.

To explore the contrasting traits between these two dinosaurs, let us jump into further details:

The Spinosaurus and T-Rex in the Movie Jurassic World:


In 2001, the movie Jurassic Park 3 came out, which became insanely famous around the globe. The movie starred both the T-Rex and Spinosaurus, and in one scene, they can be seen fighting.

The scene grew a huge fan base because the T-Rex and Spinosaurus were so skilfully created that they looked almost completely life-like. At the end of the scene, it was the Spinosaurus who won the fight.

Although this victory contradicts the study done in this area, since the traits required to win a battle favor the success of T-Rex, the scene was nonetheless worth watching.

Another area for improvement in the scene was that although they were shown fighting together, the Spinosaurus and T-Rex never crossed roads in reality, seeing as they existed in two different eras.

Comparing the T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus Vs. T-Rex

Many people thought the T-Rex was the king of all dinosaurs until they learned about Spinosaurus. Let’s compare them to establish which one was the mightiest dinosaur.

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#1 Size, Weight, Height, and Length:

To many people’s surprise, the T-Rex gets defeated by the Spinosaurus in terms of size because the T-Rex measured 15,000 lbs in weight, was 12-20 feet tall, and was approximately 40 feet in length.

However, the Spinosaurus was a much sturdier dinosaur. It was a massive dinosaur with an enormous weight of 31,000 pounds, a height of 23 feet, and a length of 60 feet. An animal so big, especially when it’s a meat eater, is terrifying for all creatures in its proximity.

Key Takeaway:

Therefore, Spinosaurus comes victorious when it comes to bulk and size.

#2 Whose Speed Was Faster: T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus

As mentioned above, the T-Rex size was a lightweight compared to the Spinosaurus. But which one had the advantage with regard to speed?

Speed of T-Rex:

The T-Rex runs at a pace of 17mph with a bipedal speed.

Speed of Spinosaurus:

The Spinosaurus is passive in this regard and runs at a much slower pace, i.e., at 15mph – which is no wonder considering how massive and heavy their bodies are. 

However, there are speculations about the Spinosaurus being quicker when in water and performing better when swimming.

Key Takeaway:

T-Rex is fast on land when compared to the Spinosaurus, who performs better in the water while swimming.

#3 Which One Had the Strongest Biting Power: T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus

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Biting Power of the Spinosaurus:

The spinosaurus dinosaur possessed 64 straight teeth with a mouth almost identical to that of a crocodile.

The biting strength of the Spinosaurus has been estimated to measure 19,000 N.

Biting Power of the T-Rex:

The T-Rex’s biting power allows it to defeat the Spinosaurus in another area; the T-Rex’s biting power is by far the most destructive.

A T-Rex has a formidable biting power of a whole 57,000 N, and the biting resilience of the T-Rex enables it to crush its prey in a much faster time.

Furthermore, the length of the T-Rex teeth ranges from about 12 inches. At the same time, the Spinosaurus dinosaur teeth are 6 inches long.

Key Takeaway:

The T-Rex would hunt and kill with its teeth, while the Spinosaurus seemed better at catching fish.

#4 Whose Senses Are More Effective: T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus

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Senses of T-Rex:

The T-Rex has left paleontologists many fossils remains through which they have concluded many details about the dinosaur. When studied, the fossil remains of the T-Rex showed that they had an incredible sense of smell, sight, and hearing.

Senses of Spinosaurus:

Spinosaurus needs to catch up when it comes to fossils that allow us to gain further knowledge on them. However, the present data reveal that they had fair eyesight but a weak sense of smell. The data about their sense of hearing is currently uncertain.

#5 Defenses That Keep Them Alive: T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus Vs. T-Rex

Survival of the fittest has ensured animals their livelihood through their mode of nutrition, i.e., to prey. Likewise, the dinosaurs developed physical defenses to hunt prey in order to survive.

Defensive Tactics of the T-Rex:

With a bulky mass, high speed, and a cunning brain, the T-Rex has all the powers to survive in the race for a meal as well as for self-defense.

Defensive Tactics of the Spinosaurus:

The Spinosaurus is bigger, a good swimmer, and has a good sense of sight that can aid the dinosaur in its defense. Possibly it could have hidden in the water as a way to protect itself from danger.

Key Takeaway:

However, the T-Rex dinosaurs are more intelligent than the Spinosaurus. Nevertheless, their ability to adapt and size benefits them for defensive means.

#6 Battling Skills: T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus

Battling skills win you wars and battles. It is crucial to have battling skills; every creature has been bestowed the ability to fight to ensure their survival.

To compare the battling skills of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus, we must first analyze their abilities. Just like other animals, dinosaurs also have fighting skills that are different from one another; this is also the case with the T-Rex and Spinosaurus.

The T-Rex and Spinosaurus, being predators, have some strengths that enable them to catch their prey and fight with other predators who prey on them.

Some of the combating skills that they use are as follows:

#7 Offensive Overtakes: T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus Vs. T-Rex

The strong teeth of the T-Rex are enough to rip open a chunk of flesh from the hunted animal. Likewise, their two claws, albeit tiny, can tear the enemy’s skin open.

The pace at which they can chase their prey is also beneficial. Their speed can similarily help the T-Rex flee the enemy if it tracks the dinosaur.

The sharp teeth of the Spinosaurus allow them to bite and eat their prey quite effortlessly. They can also attack the enemy or prey near the bank of the water. A trait that distinguishes them from other dinosaurs.

Key Takeaway:

When comparing the offensive powers of the two dinosaurs, T-Rex vs. Spinosaurus, their offensive strengths make both of them stand out, and it becomes hard to call one victorious thus, it becomes a draw.

#8 Predatory Dominance: T-Rex Vs. Spinosaurus

The T-Rex and Spinosaurus show predatory behaviors and have traits that are dominant in their own way.

However, the T-Rex’s predatory tactics include:

  • Smelling their prey
  • Catching sight of it
  • Developing a strategy
  • Hearing the prey change directions
  • Chasing it 

The T-Rex finally catches, scratches, bites, and eats it. Their means of hunting down prey is straight and practical.

On the other hand, Spinosaurus tended to be a pursuit predator. However, it could also catch its prey near or in the water.

#9 Contrasting Differences: T-Rex Vs. Spinosaurus

The Spinosaurus being bulkier, taller, and longer than the T-Rex is vital. However, the T-Rex’s strong bite is the most powerful, which is perhaps the most vital and lethal trait a predator can have. Another trait that has been in the limelight is that of the Spinosaurus, which is said to be semi-aquatic. In contrast, the T-Rex only lives on land. Finally, the T-Rex had more brains than the Spinosaurus and more sharp senses.

#10 Competitive In Wars: T-Rex Vs. Spinosaurus

If the two dinosaurs, T-Rex and Spinosaurus, were to engage in war or battle, it is fairly certain that a T-Rex would be victorious.

The Spinosaurus cannot attack the T-Rex on the bank of the water as they only dwell on land. Therefore, T-Rex has the advantage at this point. However, the T-Rex has a long neck, and the Spinosaurus cannot crack it with its strong teeth. The T-Rex would not have been reluctant to knock down the Spinosaurus. Furthermore, with its powerful 12-inch long teeth, there are chances that the T-Rex will kill the Spinosaurus in the battle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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1: Is the Spinosaurus smaller than the T-Rex?

The Spinosaurus had an elongated body and was much longer than the T-Rex. Spinosaurus was also a carnivorous reptile who could swim, it was 60 feet long while the T-Rex only had a length of 40 feet. So, no, the Spinosaurus was not smaller than the T-Rex – instead, it was much larger.

2: Does the T-Rex run faster than the Spinosaurus?

The T-Rex has a weight less than a typical Spinosaurus, which gives the T-Rex the advantage of moving much faster. Therefore, the answer is yes, the T-Rex runs faster than Spinosaurus.

3: Can the T-Rex effectively catch prey?

Yes, T-Rex has a mighty biting power that allows the dinosaur to rip the prey’s flesh and eat it instantly.

4: Can Spinosaurus Swim?

Yes, since they were semi-aquatic reptiles, they could swim in the water at a fast rate. In contrast, the T-Rex can only run fast on land.

Wrapping Up: T-Rex Vs. Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus Vs. T-Rex
The T-Rex dwelled during the upper Cretaceous period, about 65-67 million years ago.
The Spinosaurus came to be known as the largest carnivorous creature ever to roam on the face of the earth.
The name Spinosaurus has been given to it due to its peculiar physique.
The skull of the Spinosaurus is shiny and resembles the skull of a crocodile.
The first Spinosaurus-fossil was first unearthed during the 20th century, around 1910.
The Spinosaurus is claimed to be nearly 59 feet, which is 20 ft lengthier than the length of the T-Rex.
A T-Rex’s size is lightweight compared to the spinosaurus.
Although the T-Rex is fast on land as compared to the Spinosaurus, the Spinosaurus moves faster in water while swimming.
The T-Rex only lives on land.
The T-Rex’s teeth strength continues to defeat the Spinosaurus with the most destructive biting power.
The Spinosaurus is not as intelligent as the T-Rex.
The T-Rex had more brains than the Spinosaurus and more sharp senses.

From the above article, we have concluded the main points about the Spinosaurus vs. T-Rex. We came to know about the main features of each of the dinosaurs, which are as follows:

  1. The spinosaurus dinosaur was much bigger in size compared to the T-Rex.
  2. Due to being smaller in size than the Spinosaurus, the T-Rex is able to run at a higher speed than the Spinosaurus.
  3. The T-Rex has powerful and dangerous teeth, which allows it to use them against its enemy and prey.
  4. The Spinosaurus was less competent, unlike the T-Rex, which was intelligent and effective at catching prey. But the Spinosaurus had been blessed with an enormous size which gave it the advantage to defend itself.
  5. They were both fierce creatures, making them the most brutal dinosaurs of their time, as well as the most lethal predators to ever have existed. 

Thank you for reading this comparative piece on the T-Rex Vs. Spinosaurus! To learn more about the daunting yet mesmerizing creatures that ones ruled the planet, head over to read our post that compares the Brontosaurus vs. Brachiosaurus!

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