By Josie  October 13th, 2023

Cows Respond To Swedish Woman’s Ancient Viking Song

Chances are you’re going to be just as enchanted as these cows that respond to this woman’s beautiful and ancient Viking song.

This interaction isn’t ordinary—it’s a harmonious blend of history, culture, and nature.

The woman sings an ancient Viking song known as “Kulning,” whose roots stretch as far back as the Middle Ages.

It’s a high-pitched sound, echoing the melodies of ancient Scandinavian folk music.

The Ancient Art of Kulning

Women used Kulning to call home cattle that were grazing in distant fields.

The song’s piercing tone could travel long distances, making it effective in the vast landscapes of Scandinavia.

The video captures a magical moment where modern life and ancient traditions intersect as the woman sings the kulning.

In response, the herd of cows, scattered across the field, starts to gather, drawn by the mesmerizing call.

Cows Respond to Viking Song

Cows, like many animals, have a heightened sense of hearing and a natural inclination toward music.

Cows Response to Music

Music can induce relaxation, reduce stress, and improve the overall well-being of cows.

Depending on the specific tones and rhythms, music can cause increased milk production to more calm and docile behavior.

Swipe up to hear the song!

Swipe up to hear the song!