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beautiful but dangerous hunters in the African Savanna

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Their coat consists of rough bristle-like hairs, which combine black, yellow, white, and yellow markings.


Distribution and Habitat

As the name suggests, the African Wild Dog is native to Africa. Previously it occurred throughout the continent, but now their range is limited 


Wild dogs

most frequently in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania.


Typically a dominant monogamous pair leads the pack. Packs usually consist of 10-20 individuals, although this number sometimes stretches to 40.

Fun Fact

 Wild dogs "vote" through a sneezing sound about whether they should hunt at a given time.

Cause of Endangerment

the total population of African Wild Dogs is approximately 1,400 individuals. Consequently, they are classified as endangered, as per the IUCN.

Terrain Map

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